Disaster Is Not Fun

This theme is always top-of-mind at STOP. We pride ourselves on restoring houses… and equally important, each customer’s peace of mind as well. We understand the stress and trauma of disaster situations. When water or fire happens, we can save the day. More importantly, we can manage the entire process of getting your house or building and your life back together. We are Service Team of Professionals.

water damage service


Water Damage

Water damage restoration is a commonly needed service. Broken or frozen pipes, overflows…

smoke damage service


Smoke Damage

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire. In some cases, the smoke alone can cause more long term damage…

fire damage service


Fire Damage

It’s a very intimidating experience to witness a house fire. Our sincere condolences go out to those who have experienced one…

mold damage service


Mold Damage

Also known as mold remediation, mold cleanup and mold removal is another service that we offer…

Water Damage Even During the Drought

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Water damage restoration is a commonly needed service. Broken or frozen pipes, overflows, and sewer back-ups are common situations where water damage restoration is needed. Immediately, the house or building must be dried out. Fast response is absolutely critical. Standing water and/or carpeting must be extracted. Carpeting might need to be removed. Depending on saturation, drywall may need to be cut and removed from lower walls. Professional grade fans and dehumidifiers are used in specific quantities and methods to quickly and thoroughly dry the structure.

Secondly, depending on how long certain materials were wet (drywall, paint, carpet, sub floor, framing, etc.), some water damage restoration will have to be performed to return the building to “pre-loss” condition. STOP can do the WHOLE JOB, and do it right… right down to placing the furniture back in the “right there” spot. These are the events and the skills that put professional water damage restoration contractors in high demand. It is estimated that there are ten water damage situations for each fire event in homes and commercial buildings. STOP’s technical support staff and our management/marketing support continues to build the finest restoration companies across the country. We’re proud that STOP is unbeatable in the water damage restoration field.
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